We want to honor the personalities who support the fight against climate change, protect nature, the environment and the Amazon Rainforest.

These NFTs are not available for sale to the public. They were created to be presented to these personalities. To receive the gift, an Ethereum wallet address must be entered through the official Twitter account.

Do you know any of them? Let him know about the gift.


Alphabetical Order

Alok Bill Gates Elon Musk Emmanuel Macron

Greta Thunberg Jack Dorsey Jeff Bezos Jimmy Fallon
Justin Bieber Leonardo DiCaprio Madonna Mark Ruffalo
Rihanna Snoop Dogg Vitalik Buterin  
People who protect the forest are true environmental heroes.



Yes! You can have as many NFTs as you want!

Turusu in the Village Turusu in the Rainforest Turusu in the River